Boo has been on hiatus now for one thousand years.  If we ever start accepting submissions again, you’ll owe us, big time.

Boo used to be edited by Nick Demske and Angela Malone.  Boo exclusively published offensive things.

Boo is not meant to be exclusively a literary journal.   Boo is also interested in publishing everything else in the world.

While, aesthetically, it is difficult to articulate the difference between something offensive that would be valued here and something that wouldn’t, hopefully this note will be a good start: few things will be valued as highly as those that prompt the reader/viewer/whatever to experience compassion for some one or thing they have never felt compassion for previously.

If your submission is accepted, you will be embarrassed to have your name publicly associated with it because of its awfulness.  If it is not accepted, you will receive an inappropriately demeaning, rejection e-mail, aiming to synthesize the public humiliation acceptance would have burdened you with.

There are few things more disturbing than the pursuit of equality.

Submission guidelines:

Please send offensive things for consideration to boojournal@gmail.com.  Expect a very long response time.  You are invited to think creatively in terms of these instructions.

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