Christine Herzer

this rose can’t be delivered vacant

*     *

it is safest and therefore recommended

this is a story about untouchables
the most beautiful people on earth

untouchables need our protection
untouchables need not be touched

if touched they touch back
this is how we get hurt

untouchables do not need to earn anything
untouchables are deserving by nature

if asked to give they get touchy
this is how we get confused

some untouchables are more untouchable than others
the most important untouchable is called Family

if touched on we might be asked to leave
this is how we get lost

Exclusivity is what father needs most

to make him feel safe

Love mother needs most

to make her look good

if we give our sex to those in need
then forget we cannot be touched

this is how we get sick

people who need become touchers and are dangerous
people who need become thin and are in danger

people who forget are untouchable
one day you will become untouchable too

it is safest and therefore recommended

*     *

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