Eric Huff


the wolf is arrested

when the hand is bloody in the

mouth of the wolf

the sudden crack of the windshield

and deployment of airbags is

seen immediately after striking

a passing doe on the interstate

a man spray paints the date

in a bright orange along her naked body

she lays seductively waiting for some

lonesome trucker to pick her up

in the middle of the night

*     *



the kindergartener graduated

cum laude, remember?

the babies have a sensitivity toward

salty things, like bath water!

outside there is one small

rabbit. a teenager?

it knows it is raining when it is raining

the unsettling thing is when I wake

up I am not an insect.

despite my many eyes and erect proboscis

when the baker reads novels

while baking bread the baker falls asleep.

how the chickadee must stay

so quiet!

*     *



when the boy pulled the fish

from the pond each saw empty black eyes

pleading what am I to do now?

clouds formed out of the hallow troughs

of land in the distance

when the boy ripped the hook

from the fish each made an awful sound –

blood streaking down the shaking hand

in the open field the wild pheasant

swallowed the thunder

*     *

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