Jonathan Lohr

Best American Poem

Is that Lehman over there?

Turn the page
so I can grind up against him

*     *

from the series Merkle’s Boner

Fred Merkle Makes a Name For Himself

Fred was small town. He was Bonehead, but he knew the
ropes. You don’t make the money from the game. You
make that money from the fame.

This is how the game works: be good, hold stuff, get
paid. The last two are easy. You look great on film?
Sponsorship. Fred’s brother was a priest, sponsored by
God. He was good. He held God and you paid him. Fred
played ball. Good enough for his own cards running
through that kid’s spokes riding down the street. Held
the bottle of soda. Whatever & got paid.

Pretend to like poetry because Jack Spicer liked poetry
and he knew how to hold it like a pro. I only use this
brand of poetry after the big games. You’ll find us
getting thoroughly acquainted. Comes as near to being
the ideal brain, social stimulant as you can find. Want to
make it big? Use this brand of poetry.

*     *

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