Kari Freitag

Deductive reasoning can be a complex process involving a trapper
keeper and something else

I will provide the automatic hand dryer
If you take the time to do what
is best for you and I
and everyone in the world
and I will provide the materials
if you bedazzle my burial ground
okay for the low down
anything with a reflective surface
will catch and release light
and flicker like a doe
en route
come and give me what you were going to give me before I upset you and you took it
I really want it
I’m sorry I had a lapse of stupid idiot
but I’m feeling better and open
to gifts
I’m feeling selfish
for a second I thought we could be friends but it turns out I don’t really want to think
anything except for cats
and that’s an exaggeration because I don’t think about cats

*     *

Whitney Houston and I still want someone to dance with.

You never knew the clock was tired until you didn’t know what time it was
And I would like to think you never knew you loved me
Until you woke up alone
Which is just like that time the sun promised the moon
Never to rise again because last time it did everything set on fire

*     *

I don’t want to be famous I just want everyone to like me

Sorry I can’t love you right now
I am waiting for the tea kettle to whistle directions
from my house to your house
so that I can tell you I can’t love you right now
this room smells like bullshit

When I am on the market I am marketed as
One hundred percent kitten derived
and I think
One hundred percent tooth time or
I am a turtle snuggie
I wanted to like one thing everyday but it turns out
I am a big land baby

Remember when we were laying in your bed
me neither, it’s cool

Remember when we were laying in the grass
and I told you I wanted to lay here until ants mistook our bodies
for large five star hotels
and moved in
and you left

*     *

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