Katarzyna Rygasiewicz

Women, O Horror, on the Run!

Across this city traversing on city buses women are on the run
—Or let it be told true they have the runs—Yowzer, Yowzer, from their orifices—
One woman on a city bus shits loose a bowel movement
On herself—on the seat—on the bus driver
—Without apology, without any movement
Of cleaning herself, of addressing the immediacy
Of the crap and the odor she’s released on community
—She’s released what she needs no longer as hers—
Let the city clean it up!

Another woman bleeds free between her legs—
An inch high of blood goo in the concave plastic seat
—Blood on the flooring too—No pads—No vaginal plugs
—No panties—The bus driver has menstrual pads
As first aid in waiting for such times
—But the woman doesn’t ask for aid, is in the La-La
Of this not happening—Does not admit—Own—
To the womb cleansing in such open community as hers—
Let the bio-hazard team acknowledge it—Clean it up!

Another woman sits pulling snot from nose
Into mouth—While the bus driver wonders
Is that all you’re having—Deario—for your lunch
—Recycling what little self-worth you have
Of yourself in community back inside?
In hurries yet another woman—a young woman—A high school girl
—Followed fast on board by an acne’d high school
Swain—Who presses her thigh with his hand
When they sit in the back—She asks him what he’s doing—Knowing
Full-well what he’s doing—He says he has affection for her a lot—
She takes his face in her two hands—Brings it into her face
—Begins to pop his zits—Ooh that’s good she says
—When I grow up I’m gonna be a dermatologist. I know skin.
Let me play doctor on you.—The pus flies through the community
—Hits free past the two of them—Hits a shiny metal post—
Let some custodial rag polisher clean it up!

City Women—Bonnie Bogy Women—Go on the run—
They’s creating new layers of muck of new urban communal legend
—Using body fluids as their sub-conscious weapon
Of choice—As their macing stun gun—
Let some inner city government-issue clydes clean it up!
—City Women—Bonnie Bogy Women—Go on the run—
They’s creating layers of muck of new urban communal legend.

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