Ryan Philip Kulefsky

Total Divorce

OK, but he could be saying that the words we use
To describe objects/events/beliefs
Are merely tokens, transformations
Of abstract phrase markers
Where n = cognitive
Where n = device
Where n = slander
Where n = the base component
Where n = kangaroo
Where n = ‘u’
Where n = borscht

Where v = to borscht
As in ‘he borscht her’
Where v = speak
Where v = paint
Where v = do
Where v = insert


Where a = too corny
Where a = too genius
Where c = and
Where s = shebang

I too haf wridin pomes
About Sonny
(what she wood look like in Nu Hampshre)
Butte I kall dem song(ets)

Ax 4:12, Sonny paid us a visit.
Ax 4:13, Sonny sid she’d like to hang out.
Ax 4:14, Sonny shook the silver frock.
Ax 4:15, it is March 3rd, a Windsday.
Ax 4:41 thirs going to be an eye-fuck

settling in.

We are talkinh, her, of ressireckton
We are talkinh, her, of Lan-guage
We are talkinh, her, of Dis-tricktion
We are talkinh, her, of Ressirves
Though we donttalk of Infini Sonnys
Wedochalk tha poetry is terrordominate—

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